GERTRUD PROFILE SERIES celebrates trailblazing women and the experiences that shaped them.

JOY BRYANT is an actor, writer, producer, designer, snowboarder, drummer & RumChata drinker who's inspired by the world around her and not afraid to take chances. As her Grandmother always said, "nothing beats a failure but a try."

TIFFANY MIRANDA, Founder of Girls Make Beats, is a multi-talented woman in the music industry, but finds the most inspiration from working with the young girls in her non-profit, who are challenging the status quo.

MICHELLE JUBELIRER, COO of Capitol Music Group, is inspired by creativity in music, art and fashion and powerful women who motivate her to keep achieving.

JEANNIE LEE, Buying Director of Galeries Lafayette DOHA, defines success as being passionate about what you do and giving one hundred percent effort, with great integrity.

WHITNEY TABER, Record Plant VP and Girls Make Beats L.A. Chapter President shares how unexpected failure can lead to success and happiness.

NICKY & JULIANA GIRAFFE, Renaissance Women, carve their own path and express their boundless creativity through film, painting, songwriting, photography and performance art.

ANGELIQUE CINELU, Singer, Songwriter & Actor, who never had the luxury to fail, now finds inspiration in her young daughter's fearlessness, independence and freedom.

LINDSAY HARRIS, Co-Founder of VLR Agency, draws inspiration from her father and daughter and defines success as paving your own way in life.

JULIANNE JOHNSON, Co-Founder of VLR Agency, believes in following your heart every step of the way and it will lead you to where you need to be.

HEATHER MORTON, President of Blue Salt Inc., has accomplished her goal of creating a work/life balance for herself and those around her, all while building a successful company.

MENAKA GOPINATH, President of Ipsos North America, has redefined failure as an integral part of learning and growing, and a cornerstone of success.



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